There are 3 photos on this page. They probably date from the 1930s and all appear to have been taken on the same day

Above Back Row:   Rev Martin Taylor. Jack Cocks 3rd from right, Bob Grimes 2nd from right
Front Row:   Albert Wagg (centre) and Bob"Stinger" Williamson (far right)


Above Back Row:   Cyril Wagg; Arthur T'uppenny Harper; Ted Cox (landlord of The Bell); Charlie Billy; (unknown); Dick Farrow; (unknown); Spooner (2nd from right) and Tom Bridges (far right)
Front Row:   (unknown); Eric Wassey; Drayton (station master at Hillington); Rev Martin Taylor; Jack Cocks.


Above Back Row:   ?; ?; Arthur T'uppenny Harper (3rd from left); ?; Sparrow Bridges; ?; Mark Farrow (7th from left); Eric Wacey; Dick Farrow; Tom Bridges; Teddy Woodward Spooner (2nd from right);  ? .

Centre Row:   Poachy Wagg; Albert Wagg; Ted Cocks (with hat and stick), Mr Drayton (station master at Hillington); Lady Downes; Cyril Wagg (or Dan Blake), Rev Martin Taylor; ?; Robert Grimes.
Front Row:   ?; Arthur Mickleborough; Moody Wacey; ?; Tom Bridges; Jack Cocks; ~Wacey; Bob"Stinger" Williamson (far right).