Flitcham School c1948                                                        (Names provided by Mervyn Southwell 2011)

Back Row:  Mrs Emmerson; Roy Butler; Basil Wagg; Frank Barker; David Farrow; Colin Clark (or Michael Bennet); Mervyn Southwell

Middle Row:  Ann Harper; Margaret Frohawk; Madge Barret; Beryl Clark; Eileen Alinson; Carol Clements; Heather Barlow; Winnie Bridges

Front Row:  Tony Smith; Colin Corley; Gerald Clark; Michael Frohawk; Peter Farrow

Essays by Winnie Bridges (nee Linford) as a very young girl can be found here

(The photo has been dated by David Farrow: "I was born in 1937 and left Flitcham to go to Dersingham school when I was 11 - so the photo is probably 1947 or 1948. I remember Mrs Emmerson well - she and her husband lived in one of the houses on the main road at Hillington and he was a porter at Hillington station. Before Mrs Emmerson we had Mrs Jones). Once when I was in the outside lavatory a boy threw a bit of clinker through the gap at the top of the door, which hit me. I let out a load of Anglo Saxon expletives which unfortunately, were all heard by the teacher. She took me into the playgound and made me wash my mouth out with salt water and spit it out into the drain. I think the drain is still there..."