The Bates/Bateson Family - both names were used into the early 20th century.

There are 4 photos on this page, courtesy of John Bates, the infant in the group photo at the bottom of this page. For the first page of Bateson photos click here)

Above: Leslie John Bates (c8yrs old), Joseph Skate Bates (1844 -1930) & Myrtle Bates.



Leslie John Bates & Joseph Skate Bates (with his dog) at Flitcham         


Above Left to Right: Albert Cooper, Myrtle Bates, Leslie John Bates and his son John Bates, Ivy Cooper( nee Bates), Lilian May Bates (nee Evans, wife of Leslie), John William Bates and his wife Elizabeth Jane (nee Moore). (c.1945/6 in Windsor)