These old work shops on Abbey Road were originally used by wheelwrights. They were demolished in the 1960s for residential development.

The man on the left is Bertrand Barker who married Hilda Savory at Flitcham in 1929 and who worked as a blacksmith at Abbey Farm. The man in the centre is Alfred Stanley, (whose daughter Joyce married into the Bix family).

Margaret Malcolm of Bedfordshire gives the following information (30.12.10): "The man on the right was my great grandfather - Robert William Norman Linford (b.23.9.1855, d.1942) who was known as William all his life. He became an apprentice wheelwright at the age of 15 and lived all his life in the village. At the age of 24 he married Emily Bailey of Flitcham in June 1880. Emily's parents were Henry (a shepherd) and Elizabeth.

William was an only child and his mother Martha Linford died in 1905 in Gayton Union Workhouse aged 85 years. William is remembered as a quietly spoken man of medium build with a large white beard and blue eyes. Hard working and patient, he was Verger at the Parish Church for 50 years, a keen gardener and Clerk to the Parish Council until retirement.