The New Inn. This photo dates from the mid 1930s. The sign says Margaret Creamer is licensed to sell Beer, Wines & Spirits and as a Dealer in Tobacco. She succeeded her husband Henry Charles Creamer, who was licensee for over 40 years from 1892 - 1933. Before him, Martin Rippengill held the licence for nearly 50 years from 1844 to 1891. ( Mrs Creamer is probably in the centre of the photo. The black circular disc on the left of the elevation is the flange of a "holster" for housing a flag pole.

Mr & Mrs Cyril Bix ran the pub for 35 years from 1946. In 1960 it sold 101 barrels and 22 bottles of spirits in the year. To read an interesting obituary from 2005 for Mrs Bix click here.

In 1981 it closed and Mr & Mrs Royal converted it to a private residence.   (This photo lent by Geoff Kilham & Jane Clement who bought it in 2007).

Morgan's Brewery was a small brewery in King Street, Norwich which was rebuilt after bomb damage during the WW2. It was taken over jointly by Bullards and Steward & Patteson c1961 who wanted the tied houses and intended to close the King Street premises. However, they were in turn taken over by Watney Mann who closed Bullards' and Steward & Patteson's sites and kept on the King Street premises - now called The Norwich Brewery.